Finding Comfort In Your Own Skin

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FINDING COMFORT IN YOUR OWN SKIN by J'en El is a life changing book!!By reading this book and continuously applying what you learn, you will become triumphant over fear. You will master strength and faith, not merely as a "good idea", but because you have finally met and embraced the child who continues to reside in your own heart. You will honor, cherish, respect, and realize your needs to be worthy. You'll find true happiness when you recognize, identify, and take action on your dreams. You will take responsibility for your health and wealth by becoming aware which will enable you to make intelligent choices. You will witness miracles unfold and blossom in your life. Light will appear where darkness used to be because you will look at things in an entirely different way after reading this book. Live your dreams fully each and every day.Find your true path and arrive at new heights and destinations that you never even dreamed possible. Inspire yourself to greatness through reading this amazing book by an amazing lady, J'en El.


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