Be A Magnet To Money Screensaver

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To the life and mind changing "BE A MAGNET TO MONEY" screen saver. Every time your screen saver is activated, the powerful MusiVation™ songs are entering these positive messages into the treasury of your UNLIMITED subconscious mind.

Remember, we attract what ever we think about. The more we think bout something, the more we attract more of that thing. As Napoleon Hill, the author of "Think & Grow Rich," said "Thoughts Really Are Things."

When we are immersed in the day-to-day details of our business, it is far too easy to take our minds off our BIG VISION. When we take our minds away from the SUCCESS we want to attract, well my friend, that is when the obstacles to our success appear. NOW with this powerful BE A MAGNET TO MONEY screen saver, you will keep your mind and thoughts focused on what you do want: MONEY and SUCCESS. PLUS, with the PERSISTENCE song, you will want to PERSIST UNTIL YOU SUCCEED!!

The powerful graphics, the music, and the affirmations imprint life-changing positive images on your subconscious mind. The MusiVation™ songs affect both hemispheres of the brain, left and right, so that old negative conditioning of the past is quickly replaced with these new positive thoughts! This process powerfully accelerates your mind to focus on the SUCCESS you desire.

So, my friend, enjoy your journey and you will become a MAGNET TO MONEY, SUCCESS and so much more.

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