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Ready to Go Signature Kits

SKU: $5,000.00
Our signature kits offer a grass roots adult Train-the-Trainer program designed to seed communities with high quality STEM learning curriculum laced with advanced thinking techniques. Each kit comes with a 1-day training session and materials ready for immediate implementation for 20 youth per kit.

We offer several kit options. Embrace STEM is a hands-on set of learning lessons designed to ignite an interest and an appreciation of STEM, build a capacity for solving challenging problems, and provide an environment for creative problem solving. The Road to Mars is focused on the possibility of building a permanent human presence on Mars, and includes hands-on robot design and engineering and real time access to NASA deep space telescopes.

American Garage teaches young people how to become entrepreneurs, drive innovative strategy, lead synergistic collaborations, and more. Design Your Environment helps students analyze the impact humans have on bees in our food system, expand their and expand their understanding of going green beyond recycling.

Mad Mad Machines helps students assume the role of coders, engineers, scientists, computer scientists, and artists assigned to use Design Thinking to create automotive solutions for the future. Contact us to learn more. Finally, Girls Who Animate teaches young ladies to leverage and manipulate 3D imaging to express their empowerment. Reach out to us today to learn more.
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