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Job Descriptions

SKU: $150.00
Receive 16 simple essential job descriptions for the independent insurance agency from President/Owner to Account Manager/CSR to Clerical Assistant to Receptionist. Job descriptions include:

Vice President
Executive Assistant
IT Manager
Accounting Manager/Bookkeeper
Commercial Lines Manager
Commercial Lines Account Manager/Customer Service Representative
Marketing Manager
Personal Lines Manager
Personal Lines Account Manager/Customer Service Representative
Employee Benefits Manager
Employee Benefits Account Manager/Customer Service Representative
Claims Representative
Clerical Assistant

Along with these job descriptions you will receive the "Developing Your Most Efficient Job Description – What Do I Do" worksheet to help you truly determine what each employee does and carefully make decisions to develop the most efficient job description for each employee position.

Also, you will receive the "Developing Your Most Efficient Job Description – Your Major Processes" worksheet to help you review major areas, possible delegation, and ideas to make the major process more efficient.

All of these helpful worksheets will assist your agency in developing the perfect job description for each position in your agency.

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