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Gift Offer D (Previous Offer)

SKU: $10.00
Gift Offer D is available for a donation of at least $10 or more and ask for our current Radio Offer, "Gift Offer D", we will send you the following items. First, we have 3 softback books by old-time Preacher and Bible Scholar Dr. I. M. Haldeman; "Bible Messages", "The Truth About The Law" and "Who Is My Neighbor?" Dr. Haldeman was one of Dr. Greene's most recommended and favorite Bible Scholars. Next, we have an Audio CD containing 2 Classic Radio messages preached by Dr. Greene; "Standing True to God" and "Contend For The Faith". Finally, 10 copies of the 4-page Tract, "Did You Rest Last Night?" that offers a pathway to true "Peace" that only Christ can put in our hearts. All 5 items are yours for a Gift of $10 or more when you request Gift Offer D.
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