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SKU: $25.00
"Gift Offer G” (made in honor of Dr. Greene’s Birthday, Feb. 14), we will send you first, a DVD and CD Collection in an attractive album called,, "From Disgrace to Grace" (A Video Retrospective of the Life and Ministry of Dr. Oliver B. Greene). The DVD includes video and pictures of the Life and Ministry of Dr. Greene as you hear his personal testimony in his own words. The CD included with this set offers you the opportunity to hear the audio only of his "Conversion Testimony". Next, we have a softback book (the official Autobiography of Dr. Greene), entitled "From Disgrace to Grace." The book also conatins ministry updates and additional material by his son David B. Greene, plus pictures of the ministry through the years. Finally a Music CD containing 14 songs (by The Gospel Hour Singers & Musicians) of Dr. Greene's favorite Hymns entitled, "Our Founders Favorite Hymns." All items, are available for a Gift of $25 or more when you request Gift Offer G.
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