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Gift Offer V (Current Offer)

SKU: $30.00
With a donation of at least $30 or more and when you ask for "Gift Offer V", we will send you the following 3 items. The first item, is a hardback verse-by-verse Commentary by Dr. Greene on the Epistle of James; one of Dr. Greene's favorite Books of The Bible. Next, to complement the Commentary, we have his Radio Series, a Collection of 9 CDs, containing all the sermons, preached by Dr. Greene on the Epistle of James. Finally, we have a perfectbound book by Mrs. Oliver B. Greene, containing 226 Bible-based spiritual answers to questions she received through the years, from the letters of those who wrote-in to the ministry, it's called, "Bible Questions Asked Most, volume one". All 3 items are available for a Gift of $30 or more when you request Gift Offer V.
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