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Gift Offer L (Previous Offer)

SKU: $10.00
For a donation of at least $10 or more we will send you the following three items: First, we have a perfect-bound book, 129-pages long, inspired by the Book of Psalms and writen by Mrs. Oliver B. Greene (pictured above) it's entitled "I Will Trust". This book contains 9 messages that offer hope and encouragement to those going through tough times. Next, we have a small perfect-bound book, easy to carry in a coat pocket or purse, containing 70 helpful categories of Scriptures in alphabetical order by topic, entitled, "The Bible Promise Book". Finally, 5 copies of a 4-page tract to share with others that contains the classic and timeless inspirational poem, "The Touch of the Master's Hands". All items are yours for a Gift of $10 or more when you request Gift Offer L.
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