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Gift Offer A (Previous Offer)

SKU: $15.00
When you make a donation of at least $15 or more and ask for "Gift Offer A", we will send you the following three items. First, we have a perfect-bound book, just released this past year entitled, "Glimpses of Heaven". It contains 5 sermons that offer the Believer in Christ, "Glimpses" into your future home in Heaven. Next we have 2 Audio CDs, one contains a sermon preached under the "Big Greene Tent" by Dr. Greene it's entitled, "Where Are The Dead?". Finally, we have an Audio CD containing two Classic Radio Sermons by Dr. Greene on "End Times" and Bible Prophecy; "How Do We Know Jesus Is Coming Back Again?" and "The Millenium (The 1000 Year Reign of Christ)". All 3 items are yours for a Gift of $15 or more when you request Gift Offer A.
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