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Gift Offer B (Previous Offer)

SKU: $15.00
When you make a donation of at least $15 or more and ask for "Gift Offer B", we will send you the following three items. First, we have a DVD, that offers a retrospective of the Summer Tent Campaign Meetings held by Dr. Greene using movie and still pictures taken on the "Sawdust Trail" during the 50's and 60's, featuring a sermon preached by Dr. Greene "Under The Big Greene (Gospel) Tent". Next we have an Audio CD, containing a sermon also preached during a Tent Campaign Meeting by Dr. Greene it's entitled, "The Saddest, Most Important, Most Glorious Passeges in the Bible". Finally, we have 10 copies of a recently reprinted 32-page Soul-winning Booklet entitled "Fear". This tract offers the perfect remedy for the "Times" in which we live. All 3 items are yours for a Gift of 15 or more when you request Gift Offer B.
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