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Guardian CoronaCidal Shield - Prophylactic Nasal Mist

SKU: 196.CCS $89.00
Guardian CoronaCidal Shield (2020) is a drug free, high potency anti-viral nasal mist. Contained in a pump bottle, this novel, virucidal product sprays into a mist to integrate with viral and bacterial infections (such as atrophic rhinitis), inhibiting entry and replication in the mucus lining of the upper respiratory tract, and impeding infection in the early stages. If Guardian CoronaCidal Shield is applied before exposure, or before the virus traverses beyond the nasal passages, the anti-viral components immediately act to neutralize the virus and vigorously oppose further infections. The mist should be used prophylactically to avoid further penetration and infection following any significant episode of public exposure (ex: standing in a crowded line or sharing public transit with possible infected patients, or any situation where maintaining a 6ft distance is not possible), immediately after any possible social contamination, and at least twice daily over the next 2 to 3 weeks.