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Harness the Energy of the Sun

Reduce your carbon footprint and save money on energy costs with solar-powered lights installed by the professionals with Texas Utility Inspection Services of San Antonio, Texas. When you choose one of our residential or commercial solar power systems for your home or business, you can take your facilities off the grid, convert energy directly from the sun, and significantly reduce your power bill.

Solar Power Line

Experienced Solar Power Systems Installers

Because sunlight is unlimited and free, your ability to harness it is limited only by the space you dedicate to its collection. When you place a call to our specialists, we will work with you to determine the ideal solution for your property. During this process, we evaluate the size of the area to be lit and the power required to keep it lit consistently. With your installation lead by our trained personnel, it'll be a snap.

Because the majority of solar lighting systems are wireless, there is no need to dig extensive trench systems for wiring. This helps eliminate costs from extending your electrical wiring and re-paving, as will traditional utility poles. In addition, the relative ease of installation makes solar a superior choice for existing paved parking lots, environmentally sensitive areas, and locations that are a considerable distance from established electrical connections.

Appreciate the Versatility of Solar

In addition to the environmental and economic benefits, solar energy is a highly versatile option with numerous applications. With the technological boom in light-emitting diodes (LEDs), there are a number of highly effective solar lighting options.

Trust our experts to meet your lighting needs with the most advanced options on the market. Our solar lighting systems are ideal for a number of purposes, including:


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Walkway or Pathway Light

Walkway or Pathway Light
If you need to light up a front yard, walkway, private roads/areas, gates, or any other space, this all-in-One 1200 lumens solar light unit powered with a 10W smart LED lamp and a bluetooth module is one of the more powerful and versatile solar powered lights on the market today. Key Features: Auto-Dimming Mode: The smart, energy-efficient lighting system is fully automatic, providing 30% illumination (120 Lumen) all night long and full illumination (400 Lumen) for 1 minute when the infrared motion sensor detects human movement. Remote Control: The light can be intelligently controlled via a bluetooth enable smartphone app, through which one can turn the light on/off, change the lighting mode, and view information about the light's current status, including battery voltage, solar charge during the day, work temperature, lamp mode, etc. Battery Power: With a lifespan of 5 years, our LiFePO4 batteries provide illumination for up to 2 nights (8 hours/night) on a full charge, and recharges to full capacity in about 6 hours during the day with the sun. FCC certified for use in the USA. Construction: High quality, reliable and elegant -- the waterproof IP65 aluminum alloy with rust proof coating together with the toughened glass housing integrate the solar panel, the replaceable battery, LED, and the control module all into one unit. Can be easily mounted onto a standard pole or a flat surface virtually anywhere - no wiring needed. Mounting bracket included. Great for: Yard lighting, house entrances, exit, courtyards, storage areas, private roads, and gates. Benefits: EASY Installation - No trench wiring needed, and there are no wires to connect whatsoever! Easily install the light onto a wall/pole in minutes, no need to hire an electrician. NO Bills: Since our lights are entirely solar powered, there are no monthly utility bills and you do not need to pay for electrical usage. WARRANTY - Our one-year warranty ensures peace of mind regarding the performance of your investment. ZERO Maintenance: With a battery lifespan of 5 – 8 years, LED life span of more than 50,000 hours, and no light bulb replacement, save big on maintenance and ongoing utility costs.