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T-PiN! Vector

SKU: VEC101 $59.95
Our new "VECTOR" model offers the famous full-body-functionality of the original, in a lighter, sportier design: made of high-impact, high performance microcellular foam, with lightweight, translucent urethane wheels. AND STILL MADE IN NH!

Relieve body tension when you use our top-quality T-PiN! Roller. This is built to optimize the most effective self - myofascial, deep tissue massage available while remaining portable, rugged, and beautiful. The "Double-Bubble" model is 14 inches long with two 4 inch X 3 1/2 inch diameter elliptical cores and has 4-inch urethane wheels. The core has a density and firmness between a lacrosse ball and tennis ball. To learn more about our product, give us a call today.
Category: Massage Roller