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SwingClear Mailbox Posts

The boom arm holding the mailbox swings away to lessen impact when the mailbox is hit by snow plows, vehicles, plow-driven snow, road debris, or anything else. Choose from 2 styles of mailbox support posts to accommodate a wide variety of locations and site configurations that may be encountered in rural and suburban settings. We have kits with ad without black mailboxes.


  • Easy Installation Year Round
  • Installs In Minutes
  • No Need For Concrete, Digging, Complicated Tools, Or Special Skills
  • Long Lasting (Typically a Lifetime) & Maintenance-Free
  • Not Comparable To Other Manufactured Designs
  • 60 Years Of Proven Service Throughout America & Beyond
  • Easy Height Adjustment With a Single Bolt
  • Made In the USA
  • US Postal Service Approved
  • A #1 Pick For Letter Carriers
  • All-Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Simple, High-Visibility Styling
  • Works Great With Added Plastic Newspaper Box
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01 Rural Mailbox Post

01 Rural Mailbox Post

This is the original SwingClear design, which is ideal for rural roads and highways.
Mailbox extra.
02 Suburban Mailbox Post

02 Suburban Mailbox Post

The suburban design is a slight variation on the original SwingClear design.
Mailbox extra.
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