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Tea Cup Milestones - 100th Birthday!

SKU: TCGMB100KO $25.00

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There are special birthday milestones that are unique to the Japanese culture and are celebrated in grand style with formal dress and celebratory gatherings. This special 100th birthday is called "Hyakuga" in Japanese. The Japanese character has the Kanji for "above" and "Kotobuki" (good fortune) but together is read as "Hyakuga". The Hyakuga teacup can be also used as a small ikebana vase and makes a nice token for the unique birthday!


- 3.75 Inches Height
- 2.75 Inches Diameter
- Capacity of 10 ounces
- Gunmetal gray
- Microwave, Dishwasher Safe
Category:Drinkware, Gifts