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Tea Cup Milestones - 60th Birthday!

SKU: TCGMB60KO $25.00

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The Kanreki tradition dates back to the Japanese era that adopted the Chinese zodiac. On one's 60th, you are given a red cap and red vest and sit on a Japanese zabuton cushion. It marks that one has completed a full circle of the 12 pronged zodiac and are "reborn". Achievements are celebrated and a lifetime of troubles are to be forgotten to start anew like a newborn. This Kanreki teacup is the perfect token for a special day!


- Holds hot or cold beverages.
- Microwave and dishwasher safe
- Capacity of 10 ounces
- Made of porcelain
- 3 3/4 inches Height
- 3 inches Diameter
Category:Drinkware, Gifts