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Sticker - Makie - Phoenix Motif

SKU: MMDdphoenix-TC $12.50
Makie is the technique of Japanese lacquer craft works. To achieve a similar effect, Makie style stickers are made in layers: metallic foils, thick ink, clear base, and release paper and provide a beautiful finished 3D effect. The transfer stickers can be applied to computers, cups, bottles, leather, sports gear, bikes, golf shafts, phone cases, ceramics and other smooth hard surfaces. A fun way to personalize your gear!


- 2 Inch Length x 2 Inch Width
- Made in Japan
- Colors as shown, transparent release paper displays the background color of item that it is applied to
- The decal transfer stickers have strong adhesion, water resistant, recommended for hand wash
- Not for use in Microwave ovens