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Puzzle Lake Paradise

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Far from the noise of cities, towns and busy highways there is a very quiet place. To get there you need to journey far from a small village for several kilometers down a lonely road, past farms and abandoned homesteads of a bygone frontier era, to finally arrive in a hidden enclave of deep wilderness.

This ancient tract, being so isolated, is a natural haven for a wide variety of wildlife and has been designated as Puzzle Lake Provincial Park.

Here nature is, as it's been for thousands of years—pristine and undisturbed.

This landscape of ridges, valleys and twisted shorelines includes a tremendous variety of habitats and microclimates from extensive rock barrens, dry deciduous and mixed forests and supports the highest known number of provincially rare species found in any such area in eastern or southern Ontario.

To capture the beauty of the natural sounds on “Puzzle Lake Paradise”, field recordist Grant Mackay, made several early morning and evening trips into the park during the springtime of 2015. This album was recorded with the Zoom H6 Handy Recorder using the MS Microphone. This microphone (mic) is specially designed to capture wide open spaces by combining a unidirectional mid mic for the center with a bidirectional side mic that captures sounds from the left and right.

This tenth release on the Earthaven label celebrates fifteen years of “bringing wilderness sounds within reach”.

Released in a hi-fidelity, limited digipak edition.
Category:Nature Sounds