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Point Petre

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Located on the southernmost tip of the island of Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. This vast tract of land is home to over 337 species of aquatic and land birds and contains one of the largest great blue heron rookeries in Ontario. From its vast sea-like shoreline of the Great Lake Ontario with its limestone beaches and gull bar to its savannah-like plains containing original old growth trees and significant deer population, to its large lagoons and marshes the Point Petre Nature Preserve is wild, pristine and diverse. "POINT PETRE" captures the day and nighttime bird sounds of the different environments of this wilderness location.

Featured birdsongs and bird sounds include: Canada geese, great blue herons, red wing blackbirds, kingfisher, seagulls, terns, woodpecker, morning doves, plus birdcalls from many other species of birds.

Category:Nature Sounds