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SKU: 70-11420 $1,215.00

Steel Craft Elevation Series Bullnose heavy duty front bumper. It is a smooth plate bumper with a pre runner bar on top. It is finished in textured black powder coat. It is built out of 10 Gauge steel. This bumper is bolt -on. It is built to accommodate the factory fog lights. It has welded on shackle mounts, but it does not come with the shackles. It will accommodate a 20" double row light bar, but not all 20" light bars will work without modification to the brackets. If you are not planning on installing a light bar, the hole is covered with wire mesh. It will also accommodate a winch, but not all winches. Contact for application specs. It also comes with the mounting hardware.* This bumper will NOT accept the adaptive cruise control sensor if equipped.*
Category:18-20 F150