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Fortis Front Bumper 2010-2018 Ram 2500 3500

SKU: 71-12260 $775.00

Steel Craft Fortis Series smooth plate heavy duty front bumper. It is finished in textured black powder coat. This bumper is bolt -on. It is pictured with 4 - 2" cube LED lights mounted in it. Although not included, it will accommodate 4 cube 2" LED lights. It is pictured with a 20" light bar mounted in it. Although not included, it will accommodate a 20" double row light bar, but not all 20" light bars will work without modification. If you are not planning on installing a light bar, the hole is covered with wire mesh. It also comes with the mounting hardware. It will NOT accommodate winch. IT HAS HOLES FOR THE FRONT PARK ASSIST SENSORS, BUT THE MFG. & US AS WELL DO NOT GUARANTEE THE SENSORS TO FUNCTION CORRECTLY WHEN INSTALLED. THE WIRE MAY ALSO NEED TO BE CUT & EXTENDED IN ORDER FOR THEM TO REACH. IF YOU DON'T HAVE SENSORS, THERE ARE RUBBER PLUGS FOR THE HOLES.