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Name A Star by Email! Can be sent and received Worldwide within 12 hours. This is an excellent gift when cost and/or speed is a consideration. This item can be personalized with your words and expressions and is perfect for any occasion or just to say you are thinking about your Special Person.

•They receive the Special Star Certificate and Star Chart identifying the approximate location of their Star along with your words and expressions. You receive a copy along with a Certification Record to return by Email to Starview (Optional).

•Delivery should occur within 12 hours. (If not, ask the recipient to check the SPAM folder) The Email Subject line reflects “A Special Gift Has Been Sent By (Your name)”. Perfect gift for persons serving in foreign countries.

•The “E” in ESTAR stands for EMAIL and is Ecologically friendly as it eliminates packing and shipping waste and pollution. It’s Green!

•To Order: Complete the form and select “Add To Cart”.

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