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JCOB Delta V saddle - black/silver

SKU: CC-DELTAV $209.95
A new name, and a new look for a saddle that has been a go-to choice for rider comfort for almost 25 years. The Delta V model will be replacing our V-flow model. The thousands of riders on these saddles have always proven that it is a great choice for anything from entry level comfort to Ironman and longer events. We have carefully made a few improvements, namely modifying the cover material and the foam density but the original, all important, “narrow” 130mm design is still there, this key element gives the great comfort for both Men and Women. As a special bonus, we added the rear hydration mounts to the Delta V, making it very easy to add extra hydration bottles to your bike. This saddle is generally best when used on a Road bike or a Tri bike that does not have an aggressive bar drop, as it cradles the rider and should be mounted on the bike slightly nose high. Women find this saddle especially comfortable. If you had to gamble on only one saddle to be comfortable, this is it. KEY FEATURES FIRST COBB SADDLE, NARROW REAR, STRAIGHT SIDES, THIGH AND HAMSTRING ** NOW WITH JCOB REAR HYDRATION MOUNT (RHS) READY WEIGHT 344 g SEAT RAIL HOLLOW CHRO-MOLY REAR WIDTH 130 mm FRONT WIDTH 35 mm LENGTH 275 mm RELIEF CHANNEL 18 mm X 90 mm RAIL LENGTH 75 mm
Category:Bike Saddles