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Swim Training - Four (4) group classes Spring 2020

SKU: SWIM-SR-4 $100.00
Join USA Triathlon Certified Coach Beth Baumgarten for swim instruction and training at Claude Moore Rec. Ctr. in Dulles South Recreation Center in South Riding (Riding Center Dr.). Package of 4 sessions -- use them any time for the Tue/Thu morning 7:30-8:30 or Sunday afternoon 2:00-3:00 pm classes in South Riding -- see our web site for specific dates. Whether you're a beginner or developing triathlete -- or just a swimmer looking for better technique -- Beth can help you refine your technique to improve your speed with less fatigue. Achieve greater economy of motion and have more fun in the water! To save $ per class, please sign up for the entire season pass. SPACE IS LIMITED...RESERVE TODAY! -- Personal technique instruction and feedback -- Training includes technique drills -- Timed training to improve speed NOTE: SESSIONS MUST ALL BE USED BY May 7, 2020 — MAY NOT BE CARRIED OVER. NOTE: PRICE INCLUDES FACILITY USAGE FEE. NOTE: DUE TO INSURANCE REGULATIONS, ALL SWIMMERS MUST BE MEMBERS OF US MASTERS SWIMMING ($45/YEAR) TO ATTEND CLASSES.