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Rocket Science Rocket Latitude Sleeveless Women's Wetsuit

SKU: $394.95 $349.95 You Save: 11%

The first Rocket Science Sports wetsuit without a back zipper, the Latitude Sleeveless Tri Wetsuit offers a level of comfort and flexibility never before reached in a triathlon wetsuit. Instead of a traditional zippered closure, the Latitude uses magnets that fasten near the shoulders. The result is a suit that's incredibly easy to put on and take off in addition to being quick through the water. Buy this suit if you want the most flexible sleeveless suit available. Neoprene Composition Arms/Shoulders: 1.5mm. Arm Aquasense side-panel: 0.3mm. Neck: 1.5. Wrists: 1mm. Upper Chest: 1.5mm Yamamoto #40. Lower Chest & Stomach: 5mm Yamamoto #40. Back: 3mm Yamamoto #40. Legs: 5mm Yamamoto #40. Crotch: 3mm Yamamoto #40. Knees: 2mm Yamamoto #40. Ankle: 2mm Yamamoto #40. Features Water-Repellant: Hydrophobic, chlorine-resistant materials. SPF 50 protection: Blocks 98% of harmful UVB rays. Yamamoto Neoprene: Lightweight and durable. Dimples Technology™: Unique hydrodynamic design reduces drag by 16%. BLT™:48% lighter, up to 50% greater buoyancy, a decrease in swim times of 1 sec. for every 100m. T-shirt Collar Design: Minimizes constriction and maximizes comfort across neck. Zipper Free: For maximum comfort and worry-free wear. Leg Grippers: Provides comfortable fit. Welded seams.