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Cobb Merica saddle - black

SKU: CC-MER $199.99
The Cobb Merica features a long narrow nose to eliminate chafing on your inner thighs and a long cutout for soft tissue pressure relief. It’s a great all ‘round road seat for high performance road riders looking for a comfort solution. Let Merica make your rides great again! Where the more expensive One Fifty-One uses full carbon construction, the Merica employs hollow chromoly rails and a Cobb composite base that’s flex tuned for optimum comfort. The shape is the same though it gets thicker, memory foam padding. The cutout bridge adds strength and stability for consistent comfort. KEY FEATURES THICKER PADDING THAN 151, MEMORY FOAM, DEEPER LONG CHANNEL, LONG RAIL WEIGHT 228 g SEAT RAIL HOLLOW CHRO-MOLY REAR WIDTH 151 mm FRONT WIDTH 35 mm LENGTH 275 mm RELIEF CHANNEL 16-35 mm X 160 mm RAIL LENGTH 80 mm
Category:Bike Saddles