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BiSaddle Shapeshifter saddle

SKU: $299.95
The patented BiSaddle Shapeshifter is the world’s only fully adjustable saddle. ✅ All components are replaceable making it the last saddle you'll ever buy. ✅ The split-saddle design can change it’s width, angle and profile to fit your unique body shape, riding position and riding style. ✅ The perfect Bisaddle shape eliminates pain, numbness, discomfort and genital injury! Features: ✓ Adjustable Sit Bone width 100-165mm ✓ Medium Padding - 310-350 grams saddle weight ✓ Titanium rails BONUS: Most of us are not symmetrical. The right and left BiSaddle can be adjusted independently providing you a slightly different position for custom comfort. Try that with ANY other saddle.
Category:Bike Saddles