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Bike Seat Rental - two weeks for 1-3 saddles

Select up to 3 saddles:
CLICK ON PHOTOS ABOVE FOR SADDLE SELECTOR GUIDE. Despite the claims of some manufacturers, the only way to really test a bike seat is to put some miles in. Sportfit Lab's Bike Demo Program puts you in control. Rent one, two, or three saddles for two weeks. We pay shipping both ways (continental U.S. only). Return the saddles and receive $20-55 credit toward the purchase of any saddle (within 60 days). See saddle descriptions in the store. Need guidance? Call the Lab at 1-855-760-1350, or see the saddle selector above. Rebates: Rent one saddle, get $20 off a saddle purchase; rent 2 saddles, get $35 off; rent 3 saddles, get $55 off (within 60 days of rental). Maximum $75 credit for multiple rentals. NOTE: we are not an authorized Specialized dealer, so we cannot offer the rebate for Specialized saddles.
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