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Premium Shad Umbrella Rig - Hard Plastic Storage Tube

SKU: SFP-SUR-09 $42.50
Our Shad Umbrella Rigs feature (8) 6 inch rigged shads. 6 shads are rigged on 4 inch leaders and 2 are rigged on 18 inch leaders. We also include a 9 inch rigged stinger shad on a 45 inch leader down the middle. We fish 'em like this and we have put big bass in the boat when others haven't. Check out our rigged replacement shads in all leader lengths for easy change out while fishing. Our shad umbrella rigs will catch! They come with a storage tube included. Available shad colors are: Black/White, Chartreuese, Purple/White, Green Glow Sparkle, Flow Green (New 2015), Red/White (New 2015), Bunker Imitation (New 2015), Blue/White (New 2015) *Rigged with Mustad Hooks.