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Rigged Shad Replacements (3 Rigged Shads / 4in Leader)

SKU: SFP-RRS6 $8.25
These Rigged Replacement Shad are 6" Shad rigged with a 4" leader and snap swivel. These come in 3 packs. Build your own Shad Umbrella Rig or use these as "Quick Connect" replacements for ours. You'll notice that we like having our baits swim back a bit from all our umbrella bars instead of attaching them directly to the bar. It seems to work better for us on the bass and we think you will see the difference too. Available in White, Chartruese Green, Blaack/White, Purple/White, Green Glow Sparkle, Red/White, Blue/White, Flo Green/White and our Bunker Imitation Color that's New for 2015! All rigged with Mustad Hooks. Check out our Striped Bass Sand Eel Umbrella Rigs and our 'Monthly Specials' link.