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Horse Radish Jelly (11 oz.)

SKU: 5512100407 $6.99
Discover our sweet pepper jellies! These are healthy and delicious and feature a nice hot taste. We have pomegranate pepper jelly, onion pepper jelly with garlic, and more! Without using excessive ingredient (only 3 or 4!) we have created a truly delicious product that we know you’ll love. Each flavor is engineered to stand out on its own as well as working well in combination. Discover the perfect balance of spice and the particular ingredients of each jelly. Flavors Include: Hot Pepper Jelly - A Little Kick Pomegranate Pepper Jelly - A Bit of Pomegranate Cranberry Onion Pepper Jelly with Roasted Garlic - Packed with Flavor Horseradish Jelly - A Sweet, Tangy Addition to Pork Tenderloin or an English Muffin