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Colloidal Mineral Cocktail 470ml DESCRIPTION: A liquid mineral supplement designed to provide important minerals that aid in body functioning and overall skin health. FEATURES AND BENEFITS *􏰀 Liquid mineral format in highly absorbable formulation 􏰀* Contains all necessary minerals that aid in body function 􏰀* Aids in functioning of enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients important to skin and other organs 􏰀* Improves trace element deficiencies 􏰀* Can provide extra energy and increased vitality KEY INGREDIENTS Colloidal Trace Minerals : Readily absorbed minerals in tiny concentrations that are involved in numerous biochemical reactions important for tissue health Zinc: A coenzyme involved in over 200 chemical reactions including those involving immunity, detoxification and bone and skin health Vitamin C: Antioxidant involved in skin and bone health and is important for immunity and many biochemical reactions in the body Vitamin B12: Maintains circulatory health, nerve health and energy production DIRECTIONS: Take one capful 1 to 2 times a day, on an empty stomach. Can be diluted with water.

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