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Complexion Clear 120 CAPS DESCRIPTION: A specially formulated nutritional supplement that has been shown to improve blemishes and overall skin health by addressing common nutritional deficiencies that have been scientifically linked to acne. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: *􏰀 Balanced blend of eight vital nutrients and antioxidants 􏰀* Improves acneic, blemish-prone skin 􏰀* Assists in wound healing and decreases inflammation 􏰀* Helps prevent further blemishes 􏰀* Improves detoxification 􏰀* Supports liver health and immunity 􏰀* Contains nutrients that help improve eczema and psoriasis KEY INGREDIENTS Vitamin A : Stabilizes keratinocyte differentiation, relieves pore blockages, improves skin secretions and assists in the healing of wounds Vitamin E: Enhances antioxidant effects of other nutrients, supports skin softness and overall health B Complex: Encourages cell growth, assists in wound healing and stimulates insulin production Vitamin B5: Stabilizes sebaceous secretions and the metabolization of fat Zinc: Supports androgenic health and assists in the healing of wounds Copper: Balanced with Zinc for ultimate absorption Selenium: Improves immune response and detoxification NAC: Improves immune response and assists in liver detoxification DIRECTIONS: Take 2 tablets, twice daily, with meals.

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