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Poseidon Signature RCA Phono

SKU: $1,795.00 $695.00 You Save: 61%
New Retail- 1.0m pair $1595, 1.5m pair $1895, 2.0m pair $2195. The Poseidon Signature Phono cable paints beautiful musical canvas and offers a glorious image of the entire audio spectrum. This stunning interconnect features a proprietary blend of the purest precious metals including Ultra Pure solid core conductors of Silver, 24k Gold, and Copper. Teflon and air are used as dielectrics. The result is a interconnect capable of producing fast, transparent, and fully extended upper octave. A rich, natural, textured, and palpable life-like midrange. The bass/lower octaves are fast, robust, and well defined. A holographic wide/deep soundstage is offered in spades. The XLR version is a true triple balanced design. Proudly hand built in the USA.
Category:Phono Cables