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Poseidon GS Reference Power Cable

SKU: $795.00 $395.00 You Save: 50%
New Retail- 1.0 meter $795, 1.5 meter $895, 2.0 meter $995, 2.5 meter $1095. The GS is now offered with the exceptional supreme cryogenically treated Evolution Wattgate power plugs. Poseidon GS Reference power cable is a excellent upgrade on tube and solid state amps, preamps, source, DAC's, and digital components. Featuring OCC Ultra Pure Zero Crystal Copper conductors in a unique 10 gauge design. Sonic benifits are greatly improved transparency, increased bass detail, larger soundstage, quiet black background, and a more musical presentation. Proudly Handcrafted in the USA. All Silnote power cables are triple shielded, UL listed, CSA certified, and ROHS compliant. Voltage rated at 300 volts tested at 400 volts.
Category:Power Cables