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Orion-M1 Master Reference Power Cable 2m DEMO

SKU: $3,195.00 $695.00 You Save: 78%
Manufacturer show demo in new condition with lifetime warranty and original box, 2m length. The Orion-M1 Master Reference Power Cable delivers one of the most astonishing listening experiences. It excels with source components, DAC's, preamps, and amplifiers. Offered with the exceptional supreme cryogenically treated Audio Grade Evolution Wattgate power plugs. The dynamic overtones and micro details are offered with remarkable clarity. A palpable and transparent sound stage is painted beautifully in front of you. Featuring a unique triple shielded design with Ultra Pure OCC Copper conductors. All Silnote power cables are triple shielded, UL listed, CSA certified, and ROHS compliant. Voltage rated at 300 volts tested at 400 volts.
Category:Power Cables