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Morpheus Reference III Series III XLR to RCA Interconnects

SKU: $1,495.00 $395.00 You Save: 74%
New Retail Price- 1m pair $1495, 1.5m pair $1695 2.0m pair $1895. Available in both male or female XLR to RCA. Please specify at check out. The all new incredible Morpheus Reference III interconnect cable features multiple solid core conductors of Zero Crystal Ultra Pure Silver, Copper, and Gold incorporated into a unique design. Also new for the Morpheus Reference III is a improved geometry and virgin Teflon dielectric. Vs the other Morpheus Reference models this results in better dynamics, transparency, detail/air with increased resolution and a very natural midrange. Bass extension and detail has also been improved. The XLR version is a true triple balanced design. Order your Morpheus Reference III today and discover how this remarkable interconnect cable can take your system to a whole new level of performance. Proudly Handcrafted in the USA.