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Morpheus Reference Classic RCA Phono

SKU: $1,195.00 $295.00 You Save: 75%
New Retail Price- 1m $1195 pair, 1.5m $1295 pair, 2.0m $1395 pair. The Silnote Audio engineers and the mad scientist have been at it again designing the all new Morpheus Reference Classic Phono RCA. Keeping with most of the original build qualities of the famous Morpheus Reference (the cable that outperformed others costing more than 10 times it's modest retail price) we have improved the overall performance with the new Morpheus Reference Classic. Featuring a special blend of solid core Ultra Pure conductors of Gold, Silver, and Copper. Air and teflon are used as a dielectric. Improved frequency extension in the bass, mids, and treble with a transparent, detailed, airy, and palpable sound quality. The midrange is holographic, natural, and simply beautiful. Proudly Handcrafted in the USA.
Category:Phono Cables