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Epirus Elite Master Reference USB Cable

SKU: $995.00 $495.00 You Save: 50%
The Epirus Elite Master Reference USB is the Holy Grail of USB cables. The Epirus will out perform any USB cable on the planet, period! The best of the best! The Epirus offers a utterly liquid, 3D Holographic, transparent, and neutral, sound that simply has to be heard. The data lines are designed with Ultra Pure Solid Core Silver conductors in a pure, natural unbleached cotton dielectric. The power lines are also Silver. Built to USB data specs with 90 ohm impedance. The data lines and power lines are completely isolated from each other using a special shielding system. This unique shielding design allows for zero interference and a very open, detailed, and musical sound quality. WBT silver solder is used at all solder points.Standard USB type A to USB type B connectors.
Category:USB Cables