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Anniversary Master Reference Series Speaker Cable

SKU: $3,395.00 $995.00 You Save: 71%
New Retail Price- 6ft -$3395, 8ft -$3795, 10ft -$4195. The Anniversary Edition Master Reference features OCC Zero Crystal Ultra Pure Copper totaling 7 gauge construction per cable with a helix designed geometry. Available with silver/copper spades and/or CAB silver/copper bananas. The Anniversary Master Reference is designed for the best possible sound quality and transparent signal transfer. It offers a open, spacious, and holographic 3D sound stage. The midrange is liquid, natural and palpable. Upper frequencies are extended with excellent detail. Bass is well defined, articulate, and extended. Put the Silnote Anniversary Master Reference on your short list for the best speaker cable available anywhere! This well reviewed speaker cable has been compared to others over $10,000. Proudly hand built in the USA. Please contact us for bi-wire option.
Category:Speaker Cables