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Anniversary Master Reference Series RCA Interconnects

SKU: $3,095.00 $995.00 You Save: 68%
New Retail- 1.0m $3095, 1.5m $3495, 2.0m $3895. The Anniversary Master Reference is our all new state of the art interconnect. It paints a beautiful musical canvas and offers a glorious image of the entire audio spectrum. The most transparent signal transfer using the purest precious metals including Ultra Pure zero crystal Solid Core Silver, 24k Gold, and copper. This is our newest design utilizing unique hollow tubes to separate conductors. A superbly palpable, dynamic, and life like presentation is what the Anniversary Master Reference delivers. The midrange is very natural (with the performers in you room) along with a detailed and airy top end. The bass is deep, defined, and fast. A simply stunning portrayal of the live event. The XLR version is a true triple balanced design. Proudly hand built in the USA.