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Anniversary Master Reference Series RCA Interconnects

SKU: $3,195.00 $1,195.00 You Save: 63%
The Anniversary Master Reference is our all new state of the art interconnect. It paints a beautiful musical canvas and offers a glorious image of the entire audio spectrum. The most transparent signal transfer using the purest precious metals including Ultra Pure zero crystal Solid Core Silver, 24k Gold, and copper. With a new enhanced geometry using air/Teflon dielectric and unique helix type design using hollow tubes to separate conductors. A superbly palpable, dynamic, and life like presentation is what the Anniversary Master Reference delivers. The midrange is very natural (with the performers in you room) along with a detailed and airy top end. The bass is deep, defined, and fast. A simply stunning portrayal of the live event. The XLR version is a true triple balanced design. Proudly hand built in the USA.