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KoldLok Grommet 10052 - Mini with Static Dissipation (10 units)

SKU: US-KL-10052 $362.50
Case of 10 units designed to seal small cable openings in the raised floor of new or existing computer rooms. The static-dissipation feature integrates with the raised floor static dissipation system, providing 1 GigaOhm of resistance. Satisfies NFPA 75 Section 5-4.4 requirement by self-dressing the raw metal edges of raised-floor tile cable openings. Compliant with the directive that restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS). Made with fire-rated resin and filaments that meet UL94 V0 standards. Usable cable area 5" X 2.5", if installed in the interior of the tile 4" X 6"; or installed on the long side of the grommet on the tile edge 5" X 6"; or installed on the short side of the grommet on the tile edge 4" X 7".