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KoldLok Grommet 1010 - Integral (10 units)

SKU: US-KL-1010 $711.00
Special promotion buy 10 get 2 free. The KoldLok 1010 is a high quality floor grommet designed to install on new raised floors before racks are in place or install it as equipment is moved. Email your quote request to include SKU & quantity and we will get you our best price right away. The Integral 9" x 6" unit satisfies NFPA requirements to dress the exposed metal edges from cable cutouts in the raised-floor tile. Its design includes multiple layers of different length opposing filaments to provide an automatic, self-sealing feature every time a cable is pulled through the grommet. It also provides static charge dissipation to safely bleed off static buildup. Sold by the case. Each case contains 10 KoldLok Grommets, mounting instructions, and mounting items (seals and screws). Data Center Super Store is a proud Strategic Partner with Upsite Technologies, the manufacture of KoldLok and HotLok products.