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Ocracoke Odyssey: A Naturalist's Reflections on Her Home by the Sea

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Ocracoke Odyssey: A Naturalist's Reflections on Her Home by the Sea by Pat Garber. Pat Garber first came to the isolated barrier island of Ocracoke, North Carolina, as a refugee from a painful divorce. She stayed to devote herself to the island’s wildlife. Readers who were enchanted with her intimate encounters with Ocracoke’s wild creatures in her first book, Ocracoke Wild, will rejoice anew at this continuing glimpse into her life and the fascinating wild world that she has made her own. Praise for Ocracoke Odyssey It has been said that love’s measure can be taken in the quality of one’s attention. Pat Garber is the lover this beautiful and wondrous world deserves. The quality of her attentions here is keen, fierce, expansive, and wise. Pat is a born teacher and guide, gently leading one toward deeper understanding and appreciation. She is also a writer of uncommon gifts, and Ocracoke Odyssey will be a gift to anyone who reads it. ~~Susan Dodd, author of The Mourner’s Bench Pat Garber captures the spiritual essence of what it means to live at Ocracoke. Her book is much more than a nature journal. . .it is a love story, an Ocracoke philosophy of life. ~~Donald Davis, author of Listening for the Crack of Dawn Pure delight. A sensitive account of on e woman’s successful search for harmony with nature. Pat garber has a rare gift of scientific description in readable, lucid prose that often verges on poetry. ~~David Shears, author of Ocracoke, Its History and People A native of Richmond, Pat Garber is an environmental anthropologist, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and a columnist for The Island Breeze of Hatteras-Ocracoke.