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117 Facts Everyone Should Know About African Americans in the Civil War

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The African American experience lies at the center of this great conflict. Accordingly, this makes John Gourdin’s work, “117 Facts Everyone Should Know about African Americans in the Civil War” a must read for anyone who wants to understand that era and its continuing impact on our culture. Written in an easy to follow Question and Answer format, this volume packs a tremendous amount of information into a compact and efficient format. Each answer is well-researched and the author has carefully cross-referenced the responses to allow the reader to understand the context and juxtaposition of events. No doubt many will use this work as an entry point to conduct more in depth research. Those who do not will nonetheless amass a strong foundational knowledge of the African American Civil War experience and contributions. From the Introduction by Walter Sanderson. Published by SCHROEDER PUBLICATIONS 2011. Soft cover, 160 pages, index, 27 photos. ISBN 1-889246-47-6. Price $16.95.