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Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association

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We all lead busy lives. The citizens of Santa Barbara County run businesses, raise families, and volunteer in their community. Few people have the time to attend local government hearings, but the issues discussed at these meetings make a big difference to our lives. That's where the SBCTA comes in. We are dedicated to studying the issues, attending the meetings, and advocating on behalf of local families and businesses. We do what you don't have the time or ability to do - but we can't do it without your support!

You Can Make a Difference

Unlike other local tax-exempt organizations, the SBCTA receives no financial support from any government entity or 501(c)(3) organizations who claim to be nonpartisan charitable foundations and yet regularly fund local partisan political groups who continually support waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer money. By becoming a member of the SBCTA, or by making a donation, you can help ensure our independence and also help us help you.

Become a Member

Our members are extremely important to keep the SBCTA going. We rely on membership dues for approximately 80% of our budget. If you aren't yet a member, we ask you to consider joining the SBCTA today so we can continue fighting to hold down your taxes. That is a job we take very seriously and have been committed to doing since 1956. Please join us as a member or a donor today.

Individual & Family Membership Rates:

  • Individual: $50
  • Family: $100
  • Retired: $25

Business Membership Rates:

  • 1-5 Employees: $150
  • 16-50 Employees: $500
  • 101-500 Employees: $2,500
  • 6-15 Employees: $250
  • 51-100 Employees: $1,000
  • 501+ Employees: $5,000

Make a Donation

If you wish to support our mission without becoming a member, you can make a one-time donation. Your contribution will help us speak out and engage with local policymakers in order to keep taxes low and make government more efficient.

The SBCTA is a nonprofit 501(c)(4) organization. Contributions to 501(c)(4) organizations are not generally deductible as charitable donations, but they may be deductible as business expenses.

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