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Our new age store offers mystical healing products in Houston, TX. We also offer lucky charm bracelets, necklaces, and more. Shop now!

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7 Archangels Candle

SKU: $16.98
Burn this candle to help you solve problems in your family, health or work. Each archangel has its purpose (Miguel, protection; Jofiel for sales or transactions; Chamuel to better understand; Gabriel to ask for help; Uriel for harmony; Zadaquiel to protect the home; Raphael is God's medicine.)

Queme esta veladora para que le ayude a resolver problemas en la familia, la salud o el trabajo. Cada arcgel tiene su propito (Miguel, protecci; Jofiel para ventas o transacciones; Chamuel para entender mejor; Gabriel para pedir ayuda; Uriel para la armon; Zadaquiel para proteger el hogar; Rafael es la medicina de Dios).