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**If you do not see a particular choke, that does not mean that we do not manufacture it. We also specialize in custom-made ported and non-ported chokes to meet your needs. Please contact the office for information on custom-made chokes.**

Please read our refund/exchange policy before ordering!

**We are pleased to announce that our customers can now order both generations of chokes (G1 or G2),

titanium or stainless and ported or non-ported directly from the website below. Please note that the G1 series,

titanium and non-ported chokes are made as they are ordered. Please allow 2-4 weeks for them to be shipped,

depending on the current workload.  The same 2-4 week wait may apply if we are currently out of inventory and more

need to be made to fulfill your order. If you have any questions, please call (800) 226-3613. Thank you.**

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Rhino 6pc Elite Cleaning Set

SKU: $75.00
Set comes complete with (1) copper wire chamber brush, one (1) stainless steel drill adapter, one (1) stainless steel handle and three (3) 14-inch stainless steel rods. Six (6) piece set. It fits 12ga and 20ga barrels. Wire brush will screw into the rods that screw into the drill adapter. This makes it easier to clean the barrels. The wire brush will also fit the handle so you can also clean the chokes as needed. *Please Note: It is recommended that our chokes are cleaned after every 8-10 shots to sustain maximum performance and results.**