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If you would like to order our titanium chokes, please call (800) 226-3613 during business hours.

We will be taking pre-orders starting Monday June 24th.

Thank you.

**If you do not see a particular choke, that does not mean that we do not manufacture it. We also specialize in custom-made ported and non-ported chokes to meet your needs. Please contact the office for information on custom-made chokes.**

Please read our refund/exchange policy before ordering!

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Rhino 2pc Cleaning Set

SKU: $20.00
Copper Wire chamber brush used for cleaning out the barrels and chokes. It fits 12ga and 20ga guns. Brush itself is made of copper wire and the handle is stainless steel. 2 piece set. *Please Note: It is recommended that our chokes are cleaned after every 8-10 shots to sustain maximum performance and results.**