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SKU: INVOICE # 8562 $990.00
INVOICE # 8562 CAD SERVICE WORK - Digital data released upon invoice paid in full. Drop box link sent to customer upon payment - Data delivery Electronic download DELIVERABLE - Dumb STEP , STL formats CAD File support under separate quotation - Terms & Conditions of Sale - The purchase of the above is subject to the terms and conditions of the SOFTWARE LICENSE AND SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE AGREEMENT and Terms and Conditions _Services and Work Product.pdf which supersedes any other agreements. Please download from Contact for most up to date Terms and Conditions. Customer has read and agrees to The sole and exclusive Terms and Conditions _Services and Work Product. for this estimate are at: conditions.html The Company - HighRES , Inc objects to, and rejects, all other terms and conditions contained in any verbal, document or Purchase Order provided by the Buyer at any time. Any changes in the Terms and Conditions require written prior approval by the HighRES, Inc's General Counsel. By starting the work or providing the goods specified on this Estimate , the Buyer / customer accepts the Terms and Conditions, and any accompanying attachments or specifications included with the Estimate. Contact for most up to date Terms and 1 0.00 0.00 SKU DESCRIPTION QTY RATE AMOUNT Conditions. In addition we shall not be liable for any loss of profits, business, goodwill, data, interruption of business, nor for incidental or consequential merchant ability or fitness or purpose, damages related to this agreement. All sales are final, no returns, cancellations or refunds. DELIVERABLES Customer agrees any deliverable may include missing data due to setup limitations . Customer understands a STL MESH is the deliverable from 3D scanning . STL mesh models are dumb non models made of triangles and require a skilled 3D designer to work with. Customer is responsible to model missing data , fill holes , shrinkwrap into scan if required. STL 3D Scan models are not 3D ready. STL Models are not Solid STEP Models. Solid models , Dumb solids models , parametric models are not included with this quote unless requested for quotation. STL Mesh Models - contain topology errors and open holes. STL Models are not watertight and are not 3D print ready STEP - Dumb solid models contain No dimensions - Customers who request known dimensions to be added to Dumb solid models agree to pay Company’s standard time and materials billing rate for additional engineering change order work. Support questions and Training is not included and under separate quotation. The finish or reflectivity - of your part may also impact not only the price but the feasibility of the project. For optimal results, we spray a water-soluble talc over the surface to be scanned. If your part is made of a reflective material and cannot be sprayed, then it may either add to the complexity of the part or may even make it impossible to process. All parts and tools must be ready to Measure / 3D scan /hard probe and client agrees not to introduce delay into the process. The quote is based upon the complexity of data as presented to HighRES, Inc. This quote may change relative to theme and complexity variations. If you feel we have is represented the complexity of the project described please contact HighRES inc at your earliest convenience. (cancellation period) Scheduled work Cancellations that are not made prior to 7 days before start date are subject to payment for the full amount . No Call / No Show to scheduled service work will have their scheduled service work marked as used and cannot reschedule at a later time.

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